Hidden Dangers of Body Piercing and Tattoos

Complications of body piercing and tattooing

The following complications can result from body piercing and tattooing, especially when done by unregulated vendors or in unsanitary conditions.

  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Scars or keloids (lesions or nodules of scar tissue at a healed site)
  • Infections (minor or severe)
  • Blood poisoning
  • HIV

Cosmetic risks

Body Piercing or Tattooing can result in deforming scars or holes that are larger than expected.


You may change your mind about a body piercing or tattoo, but you cannot change your body back to how it was. Piercings and tattoos change your body permanently, although there are some ways to make an unwanted piercing or tattoo less obvious. Consider the following:

  • Many people regret the piercing or tattoo once it is done.
  • The fashion may change.
  • While a piercing can be made less obvious by removing the jewelry, tattoo removal is difficult and often not fully successful even after many treatments.  Removal procedures are painful and costly, and they can leave scars.

The dangers associated with tongue piercing.

Tongue piercing is one of the most dangerous types of piercing for these reasons:

  • The tongue is a very strong muscle. When it is pierced, you run the risk of permanent damage, including difficulty in speaking or eating, altered taste sensations, numbness, and increased salivary production that causes drooling.
  • The incidence of post-piercing infection is high, due to the large quantity of bacteria in the mouth. Severe swelling can occur and cause difficulty breathing.
  • Excessive bleeding can occur.
  • The barbell can cause damage to the teeth and trauma to the gums. You can break or chip teeth by accidentally biting the barbell. Recession of the gums caused by the barbell rubbing the back of the lower front teeth can damage the roots of the teeth and cause bone loss with eventual tooth loss.
  • Loss of the plating of the barbell can cause infection, blood poisoning, or an allergic contact dermatitis
  • If the barbell becomes unscrewed, one of the balls can come off and cause a potential choking hazard.