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Thank you for seeing Casey and me today. You made me feel like a big shot being able to get my daughter-in-law in so quickly to see the most famous and smartest derm of them all! You were very kind to get us in so quickly.

It was wonderful to see you. I really do not know where 30 some years has gone. We have to make every moment count. Be well my friend.

Warmest regards,
Nancy T

Dear Dawn, Amanda, Alisha, Maria and of course Dr. Frankel: I have been to see several different doctors in the last eight months for my hair loss and have yet to get any answers or results. After hearing your name come up by a few different people I decided to make one more appointment with yet one more doctor. Best Thing I Did. Dawn, thank you for understanding my desperate situation and getting me in without delay. Amanda, Alisha and Maria, thank you for being so kind to me during my extremely emotional visit. Dr. Frankel, you were very patient with me and my emotions. You promised you would figure this out for me. I have since used the Rejuvaderm Hair Repair Shampoo you suggested. After only two uses I was able to brush my hair for the first time in over six months. I realize I have a long road ahead but after these results in only one visit with you I will be sure to keep my follow-up appointment!!! There are very few Really Good doctors out there...You Are Certainly One Of The Few!!!

- Sincerely, Doreen

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Frankel. My name is Terry and I am a patient. I came to Dr. Frankel with an undetermined condition. After much frustration and seeing many different Dr.’s I finally came to see you. You took the time to listen to me regarding the ailments that concerned me, resulting in a proper diagnosis, much to my relief. I am so glad and would recommend you to all of my family and friends. Keep up the great work! To me you are the top dermatologist!

- Terry

”Dr. Frankel, I just want to take a few minutes of my time and yours to tell you what a wonder doctor you are.  Your concern for me as a patient makes me feel you go well above and beyond what other doctors do.  You provide all the necessary information for me during a visit and ALWAYS assist me in understanding the proper care of my skin.

You take the time to check out every mole I have a concern with and you never make me feel as though it is a waste of time even though every mole you review is not cancer.(thank God).

I thank you for providing me with the skin care products, especially the Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream.

Karen B – Providence”

“I highly recommend Dr. Ellen Frankel as a dermatologist.  I suffered terribly from eczema for 2 years, I saw 3 different dermatologist who tried “everything”, it would help initially but then it came right back. It seemed like there was no way to get the eczema under control.

My first visit to Dr. Frankel I was in tears, Dr. Frankel assured me that she WOULD get me better, within a few days I started to get  some relief, and the eczema has been “under control” for months now. I cannot say enough about the care and attention that Dr. Frankel provided, she was determined to help me and I am so grateful to her for all of her help.  

Dawn M.”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Frankel's for better than 20 years now and simply put, there's no better skin doc...period.  She is a dedicated, caring professional who has always made me feel that my concerns are truly important to her and has never made me feel like just another patient.  She is always on top of the latest developments within her field and works with her patients to ensure the absolute best results in each case.  I am grateful someone referred me to her all those years ago and highly recommend her to anyone out there in need of not only a great skin doctor but a truly wonderful person.

Kenneth R. C.”

“Dear Dr. Frankel,

When I first came to you, I was a wretch. I had bad acne, and I was giving up hope. You have been very patient with me. This has not been easy, and we have definitely had a few bumps in the road, but you end up getting me back on track. For anyone who suffers with acne, I can say first hand, IT IS NOT FUN. But Dr. Frankel, you most definitely know what you’re talking about. You’re extremely passionate of your job, and your patients.
As you explained to me so very well, Acne is like driving on a highway, when all of a sudden you see a speed bump, what do you have to do? Slow down, get over the bump, and keep going. Sometimes acne can be the same way, if you have a break out in a certain area your more prone to get them there the next time you get a break out, much like a speed bump on a highway, once you hit it the first time you know it is going to be there the next time you go that direction.     
I have one thing to say and that is thank you, I’m finally starting to see the light that things will eventually come together if I give it a chance. I was very impatient originally but that didn’t help matters. You explained that I needed to get my stress down if I wanted to see any improvement, so I trusted you and I alleviated that part of stress in my life, and I’m glad I followed your advice.  Thank you for being patient, thank you for my many tears, thank you for listening to my frustration, but most importantly thank you for being the great doctor that you are, helping me through a tough time.

Gianna S.”