Hand Dermatitis

Hand dermatitis is one of the most common skin problems encountered by dermatologists. It may begin as "dishpan hands" or "detergent hands" and turn into a problem severe enough to interfere with activities of normal daily living.

Environmental factors, such as cold winter air and low humidity, or job-related factors, such as repeated wetting and drying of the hands or exposure to certain solvents, detergents, or soaps, remove necessary moisture from the hands, resulting in dry, chapped skin.

The skin becomes red and rough. Painful cracks and fissures may occur, especially in joint creases and around the fingertips. The backs of the hands may become red, swollen, and tender. Small clear blisters may sometimes occur either alone or in combination with the above-described symptoms.

Hand dermatitis is often seen in housewives, food handlers, bartenders, and people in the healthcare profession. It is also the most frequently seen dermatitis in industry workers.

For many people, this is a chronic condition. To prevent recurrences, we help you identify the substance causing the condition, and when possible, have you avoid or reduce future contact with it.