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Have you been ignoring an annoying skin condition? Are you unsure of what skin problem you have? Or do you know what the problem is, but are having no success in controlling it? Why wait any longer to get help for a skin problem that at best is annoying and at worst could be dangerous and pre-cancerous.

We have skilled dermatologists at our Cranston, Rhode Island ( RI ) location who can provide the latest and best preventive and curative skin care treatment for a wide range of skin conditions for people of all ages – children, adolescents, adults, and senior citizens. Treatment modalities change and improve. Problems that resisted treatment in years past may now respond to new therapies.

Ease your mind and heal your body. Call for an appointment today.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

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Dr. Ellen H. Frankel:

My practice is composed of a wide range of patients, and I have a special interest in pediatric and cosmetic dermatology. My office staff and I make a special effort to put children at ease in the office, as evidenced by the separate pediatric examining room and waiting room furniture with toys and books designed to make them feel comfortable.

My medical practice offers general skin care and treatments of various illnesses. Cosmetic and medical procedures are offered in our Rejuvaderm MediSpa office. Call us at 401.944.SKIN or fill out our contact form to request an appointment.

All of my attention is focused on good patient care, be it the child or the young at heart. I give each patient plenty of time for a thorough analysis of their problems.

"Protect your birthday suit...use sunblock daily!"

At RISkinDoc and Rejuvaderm MediSpa we DO NOT use Botox from Canada, but BOTOX that is purchased DIRECTLY from Allergan, its manufacturer.

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We help you keep your skin healthy.

We can help you with your skin care by preventing serious skin problems, teaching you how to keep your skin healthy, and treating your existing skin conditions. Our skilled dermatologists serve both our dermatology practice and our Rejuvaderm MediSpa, one of only a few day spas in New England. The skin care treatments we provide include eczema treatment, wrinkle treatment and acne treatment, and we treat more serious problems such as pre-cancerous or cancerous skin conditions.

We also do restorative procedures such as tattoo removal, acne scar removal, and stretch mark removal, and we provide treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic, to name a few.

Browse our product selections, including facial skin care products, wrinkle cream, and anti-aging products.

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"I Just had, hands down, the best facial by Jennifer...I have been going to Ellen Frankel's practice for over a few decades and finally made it to the "MediSpa". A Gem, right here in little Rhody. I am in Boston every day, but will no longer bother with the ongoing disappoint in my quest to discover the best skin care services on Earth. I LOVE REJUVADERM MEDISPA!!!!"

- Maria D

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